New preprint (KKT4 structure)

We posted our 6th preprint in bioRxiv. Our very first graduate student Patryk Ludzia performed extensive analyses on the microtubule-binding kinetochore protein KKT4 using X-ray crystallography (three crystal structures), NMR spectroscopy, crosslinking mass spectrometry, and so on. KKT4 is still the only known microtubule-binding kinetochore protein in Trypanosoma brucei and his analyses have provided various important insights into how KKT4 works and is regulated. Congratulations Patryk!

Ludzia P, Lowe ED, Marcianò G, Mohammed S, Redfield C#, and Akiyoshi B# (2020, Preprint) Structural characterisation of KKT4, an unconventional microtubule-binding kinetochore protein. bioRxiv (6ZPM6ZPJ6ZPK)

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