New preprint (KKT2/3 central domain)

We posted our 5th preprint in bioRxiv. This is a big team effort to try to understand the mechanism of kinetochore specification and assembly in kinetoplastids that lack CENP-A. In this preprint, we characterized two kinetoplastid kinetochore proteins KKT2 and KKT3, which share common ancestry with PLKs. Olga first found that their central domains are sufficient for centromere localization in Trypanosoma brucei. Gabriele then solved crystal structures of KKT2 from two divergent kinetoplastids, finding a unique zinc finger. Midori tested the importance of KKT2/3 central domains by establishing rescue experiments for KKT2/3. Congrats to the team!

Marcianò G, Nerusheva OO, Ishii M, Akiyoshi B (2019). Unconventional kinetochore kinases KKT2 and KKT3 have a unique zinc finger that promotes their kinetochore localization (

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